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DOHA AND RAYYAN SEWERAGE Mesaimeer Area Sewerage Phase 1 CP 626 1

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Mesaimeer Area Sewerage - Phase 1 (CP 626/1)

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Project Brief

The overall Musaimeer Catchment area is approximately 3,000 hectares in size and the project area of (Phase 1) is approximately 770 hectares. This Project is comprised of the Eastern portion of the Musaimeer Catchment QARS zone 56. It is bounded on the North by Salway Road, on the East partly by Abu Hamour Road and on the South and West by Phases 2 and 3 of the Musaimeer Catchment.

The Project comprises design & construction of trunk and internal sewers in Phase 1 within Musaimeer catchment. The works comprise the following:

  • Construction of 200 mm to 1500 mm diameter Vitrified Clay Sewers in trenches and via micro-tunneling method.
  • Construction of GRP lined shallow, deep and very deep manholes.
  • Construction of house connections.

Includes testing and commissioning of whole works.

Commencement Date

19 June 2010

Client Public Works Authority (Ashghal)
Year completed: 2013-07-13
Project status: completed
Price: 139,844,320.00

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